Another Blog?

These days, blogs are like assholes. Everyone has one and most of ’em smell like the south end of a north bound construction worker—or something like that. So why am I contributing another one to the gobs that already exists? Why do I think my ideas, stories, and opinions are important enough for you to waste a few minutes a week, on my self indulgence? Simple answer: My therapist told me to.

Thats right, I—like most of America—am in therapy. Why you may ask?

A) Is it from years of pent up daddy issues?

B)Is it because of all the teasing I experienced in middle school due to my weight?

C)Perhaps it has something to do with my marriage, and its current state.

D)Or possibly it is because, a little over a month ago I was seriously considering taking a bath, while using the toaster as a loofa.

The answer is. E). A little bit of all of the above. Sorry for the trick question…I’m an ass like that.

So this blog is mainly for me. This blog is a way for me to express myself in a creative way. I will put my ideas, humorous stories, anecdotes, and thoughts down on digital paper, so that hopefully it will help me—eye rolls—in a ‘therapeutic’ way.

Warning to potential readers: I will be brutally honest; about myself, my thoughts, and opinions. I will be crass; I like a good dirty joke here and there. You may not like me; I’m not for everyone. And I will undoubtedly have horrible grammar and spelling; I was a spelling bee drop out. But I promise to try to be entertaining and humorous. I hope that you’ll find something to relate to in my writing and maybe we can share a laugh our two.

Well, there is post number one. I can live with it…


12 thoughts on “Another Blog?

  1. I’d say that post number one was a success! And it smelled much better than the south end of a north bound construction worker. Yep, I can smell blogs. 😉

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    • Thank you so much Erin! I am so glad the humor came through. Sometimes i’m afraid that what i am writing doesn’t actually come across as humorous as i see it in my head or how i would say it, but i’m really glad you enjoyed it. Look forward to hear from you some more! Thanks again!


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