For Poopin’ Not Touchin’

“Are yo wearing a hat cuz you don’t want anyone to see yo bald?” my daughters voice is piercing; she’s far too poignant for a girl of three.

“Sweetheart, people have known I was balding since the fifth grade.” my sarcasm is all but lost on her;  she laughs with me anyways.

Bill Cosby once said, “Through humor, you can soften some of the worst blows that life delivers. And once you find laughter, no matter how painful your situation might be, you can survive it.” Comedy has gotten me through a lot. I didn’t have the ideal childhood, but thats okay, because I came out of it with something that is invaluable. A sense of humor.

Humor has always been something I have admired in others, and I have strived for it in myself. While other kids had Michael Jordan or Mark McGwire, I had Robin Williams and George Carlin. I can’t tell you how many winning shots Gretzky took but I can recite almost every Phil Hartman SNL sketch. The 1986-1994 team are my preferred Players.

My mother is incredibly funny, and her mother before her was funny. My mother can find the humor in any situation, with no subject off topic. Granted every once in while she will end a joke with a, ‘I’m sorry, I shouldn’t have said that. I’m not right.‘ This is usually half hearted though, because she knows, ‘if they laugh, it is alright.’

When I watch my three year old try—and often times, succeed—in making others laugh, it makes me feel, oh so, proud. They say, you can’t hate someone you have laughed with, and if that’s true, at this rate my daughter could turn into a monster, of Hitler or Bieber proportions, and no one will bat an eye. She’s that funny, and she’s only three.

“Don’t touch the kitty’s butt hole daddy. Its for poopin’ not touchin’.” Meadow said, as I ran my hand along our pet cat’s back; specifically as far away from her ‘butt hole’ as possible.

“Oh, thank you so much daughter! I have been doing it wrong for years!” We looked at each other. There was a moment of silence and then and we both burst out in laughter.

           This kid will be able to make it through anything. 


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